Fly ash (class F) is a byproduct of coal based thermal power station generated by the combustion of pulverized coal. Fly ash (class F) is a fine, grey amorphous powder, rich in silica & alumina and spherical in shape. The properties of fly ash (class F) may vary widely, both physically and chemically, depending upon the nature of coal, the efficiency of coal combustion process and the selection process. Therefore, it is important that when considering the use of fly ash (class F) to look no further than a company with the in depth technical knowledge and support to manufacture and supply a high quality product. Our fly ash (class F) is amongst the first classified and processed material being made. By classifying and processing, we ensure that a large proportion of our fly ash (class F) is composed of fine particles, which results in a more controlled and consistent product. Our fly ash (class F) complies with the stringent International codes of practice such as: BS EN 450 S, ASTM C 618 Class F and IS3812 Grade.


In Concrete Application:

• Better workability

• Reduces permeability

• Reduces heat of hydration

• Improves pumpability

• Improves sulphate and chloride resistance

• Reduces risk of alkali aggregate reaction

• Increase long term strength

• Better concrete finish

• Reduces bleeding and segregation

• Reduces shrinkage

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