EURIPARE RC6 is a one pack, rust converter which gives a stable surface on corroded steel, for subsequent concrete repair or coatings. It is a chelating polymer, designed for field application to rusted steel (which has been hand or power cleaned) and reacts to form an insoluble blueblack metallo-organic complex. This completely passivates the tightly bound residual rust, chemically preventing it from developing further corrosion. Uses EURIPARE RC6 is used to anodically passivate the rusted surfaces of steel prior to concrete repair, or to pretreat steel work before painting to improve long term durability


Use a stiff brush to apply a single coat, using a scrubbing action to ensure good penetration into the rust. On large areas, EURIPARE® RC6 can be applied by roller or spray. Areas outside the portion to be treated should preferably be masked, or rinsed with water if splashed with EURIPARE® RC6. Subsequent protective coatings must not be applied while EURIPARE® RC6 is reacting with the rust. The reaction time is 3 hours


• Easy to use

• Rapid reaction

• Penetrates directly into residual rust

• The metallo-organic film formed is water soluble and hydrophobic

• Excellent adhesion promoter for subsequent treatments

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