EUNITARD P2 is a liquid plasticizer, or water reducing agent, for concrete with set retarding properties. It is particularly useful in high quality concrete where requirements of density, durability and high strength must be met with adequate workability. The physiochemical action of EUNITARD P2 ensures efficient dispersion of the cement without the introduction of additional air. EUNITARD P2 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is based on a hydroxycarboxylic acid derivative and conforms to Type D materials of ASTM designation C 494 and complies with BS 5075: Part 1.


EUNITARD P2 is supplied ready for use. It should be added to concrete mixes during the mixing process, at the same time as the water or the aggregates. It should not be added directly to the cement. No extension of normal mixing time is necessary.


• Effective increase in workability can be obtained in certain circumstances with an increase in strength, without mix adjustments.

• High strength mixes, requiring high cement and low water contents and presenting placement problems, can be made workable without loss in density, durability or strength.

• Where controlled rates of initial set are required, EUNITARD P2 can be used to extend setting times without undesirable side effects.

• Use of its retarding action can also be made with special benefits in concrete where high cement contents, high temperatures or excessive heat evolution are involved.

• At the recommended dosage the eect on setting time is slight and will not normally affect stripping times of formwork.

• Aer initial retardation of set, rapid hardening of the concrete takes place, normally overtaking control concrete within a few hours.

• The retarding action of EUNITARD P2 can be used to obtain continuous concrete pours, thus reducing the number of construction joints. This action can also be used for long hauls of ready mixed concrete, to reduce or eliminate cracking of semi-hardened concrete due to formwork deflections and to allow for vibration of the concrete.

• Many important concrete qualities such as density, compressive, tensile and flexural strength impermeability and durability are improved by the use of EUNITARD P2.

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