EUNIGROUT 500 + is a premixed cementitious non shrink grout, is a one component cementitious powder blend which requires only the addition of water to form a self-levelling floor topping, is designed to give excellent flow properties, shrinkage compensation, frost resistance, and high compressive strength. EUNIGROUT 500 + is noncorrosive, and non-oxidizing and is free of chlorides and nitrates.


EUNIGROUT 500 + can be used in all grouting situations where shrinkage is undesirable. Typical uses are under plate grouting, space grouting, and repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, and cable grouting and crane rail assembly. Concrete repairs and floor toppings can also be carried out using EUNIGROUT 500 +.


• Non segregating

• Suitable for machine application

• High strength

• Easy to apply

• Good self levelling and smooth surface

• Using it with thickness 0.5 mm to 50 mm

• EUNIGROUT 500 + has excellent flow retention and long usable life even at high ambient temperatures.

• High, non-corrosive, bonding to steel and concrete.

• High early strength characteristics for rapid return to service.

• Non-shrink maintains maximum contact with surface.

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