EUNIFLOW 110 is a high range water-reducing admixture for high strength concrete. EUNIFLOW 110 superplasticizer is based on a synthetic carboxylate polymer and is manufactured under closely controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It contains no added chloride. EUNIFLOW 110 superplasticizer is formulated to comply with Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, ASTM C 494, Type G material and BS 5075, Part III.


EUNIFLOW 110 superplasticizer has been developed to allow concrete to attain particularly high performance in both the plastic and the hardened states. It is particularly useful for imparting exceptionable workability characteristics to concrete mixes so that large or difficult pours can be made, whilst maintaining excellent slump retention properties especially in hot climatic conditions. It also allows flow able concrete to be produced with very low water/cement ratios to achieve higher strengths.


• EUNIFLOW 110 superplasticizer is highly efficient, producing high slump concrete at low dosage with no loss in strength.

• EUNIFLOW 110 is added to concrete mix water for rapid batching.

• Plastic concrete exhibits high cohesion, fluidity and flow ability.

• Concrete with EUNIFLOW 110 will maintain slump properties in excess of two hours, even at high ambient temperatures.

• Addition of EUNIFLOW 110 to plain concrete will allow water reduction of up to 30%.

• Low water/cement ratio, which leads to excellent durability of concrete.

• Good surface finish, providing highly aesthetic concrete appearance.

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