EUNICURE CUREX 90 is a concrete curing membrane, complying with ASTM designation C 309 Type 1, it produced a 90 % curing efficiency index complying with the requirement of the relevant specifications EUNICURE CUREX 90 is formulated from wax resin based materials. And manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is miscible with water. thus aiding application and safety in use.


• EUNICURE CUREX 90 when used as recommended will not damage or impair the concrete properties in any way.

• Spray equipment is simple to clean with water. This should be undertaken immediately after use.

• Handling with regards to health and safety is simplified as the product is water based.

• EUNICURE CUREX 90 is easy to apply by spray.

• Gives a visual guide on application for uniform coverage.

• Is ready to use.

• Remain stable and evenly mixed.

• Spillages can easily remove by hosing away with water.

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