EUNICOTE CLEANSTRIKE is a general purpose mould release agent which gives easy striking of formwork and leaves a good quality surface finish. It may be used on all types of formwork and in certain circumstances on moulds that are sensitive to concentrated petroleum products. It can also be used in confined spaces and where heated moulds are in use.


• Can be used on all types of formwork.

• Has no unpleasant ordour.

• Economic coverage rates.

• Retains its mobility at temperatures above freezing point.

• EUNICOTE CLEANSTRIKE can be sprayed with suitable equipment.

• Can be used with either white or grey cement.

• Provides a quick positive release for formwork reducing labour costs, and any mould damage.

• EUNICOTE CLEANSTRIKE is an effective rust inhibitor.

• Reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining

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