EUNICOTE AQUAGARD is a thixotrople pigmented copolymer emulsion, EUNICOTE AQUAGARD has been awarded Agreement Certificate No.82/1037 for roofing, Copies of which are available on request.


EUNICOTE AQUAGARD is a high performance, colored elastomeric coating suitable for weatherproofing all types of roofs including mastic asphalt, roofing felt, asbestos cement, corrugated iron, concrete, tiles, slates, etc. It is also ideally suitable as a protective coating for internal and external walls bathrooms, kitchens.


• Chemical and water resistance: EUNICOTE AQUAGARD is highly resistant to normal industrial atmospheric pollutants and is resistant to water, most organic acids and alkalies in water solutions, pollutants and salts. Not resistant to mineral oils, petroleum solvents and strong acids.

• Fire resistance: Dry films on non-combustible surface conform to BS 476 part 3 Ext.S.A.A fire Rating Agreement Board Certificate No.82/1037.

• EUNICOTE AQUAGARD can be laid on the following substrates:

1. Asbestos cement sheets to BS 3717:1972(Asbestos cement decking).

2. Steel or aluminum roofs sheets to BS code of practice 143: part 1: 1958 (sheet roof and wall coverings-Aluminum, corrugated and troughed) and part 2:1961 (Galvanized corrugated steel).

3. Concrete decks to BS code of practice 144: part 3 and 4:1970 (roof coverings)

• It can be used to repair the following roof waterproofing:

1. Bituminous surfaces, e.g. roof felt to CP 144: part 3:1970 (Built up bitumen felt), mastic asphalt to CP 144: part 4:1970 (mastic asphalt).

2. Slates

3. It will also bond to brick and metals.

4. Any gaps or irregularities should be filled or covered aluminum-faced adhesives bituminous strip.

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