EUNICOTE AC14 (S) is a solvent based silane/siloxane resin solution used for sealing waterproofing and external protection of concrete, limestone and brickwork, natural stone, precast elements, GRC panels, etc. It is manufactured under controlled conditions and complies with the requirements of BS 3826.


EUNICOTE AC14 (S) is applied to exterior concrete or masonry surfaces to increase water repellency and improve self-cleaning characteristics, suitably prepared so stone can also be treated, since breathing properties are unaected.


• Colorless, ready to use siloxane resin solution

• Allows moisture vapor transmission

• Treatment of old or new concrete produces water repellent and self-cleaning properties

• Reduces unsightly efflorescence

• Salt ingress is limited and its aggressive action is reduced

• Excellent depth of penetration

• High alkali resistance

• Application to slightly damp substrate is possible

• Designed to achieve excellent penetration into dense, low, porosity surfaces