EUNICOTE 512 W is a two component cementitious composition, designed as a high quality repair mortar. It contains Portland cements blended and formulated with chemical admixtures, graded quality aggregates and modified by the addition of a synthetic co- polymer latex liquid as the gauging solution.


Uneven surfaces can be leveled and smoothed using EUNICOTE 512 W in addition to filling of blowholes and other blemishes on concrete well as water proof coat. EUNICOTE 512 W is employed as a coating to protect concrete against water/chloride ingress, both on new structures and aer patch repairs. EUNICOTE 512 W can be used to damp roof and waterproof cellars, basements, potable water tanks, water tanks and walls both on internal and external concrete and block work.


• Provides a flexible sealing layer

 • Is easy to apply by brush or steel float

• Leveling coats of EUNICOTE 512 W have extremely low permeability and provide excellent protection against ingress of salt solutions

• Subsequent paint coats can be applied with greater economy

• Excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces