EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) is a high performance superplasticizer designed specifically to impart high workability to all types of concrete, including microsilica concrete, while possessing excellent slump retention properties. It can also be used in normal concrete mix designs where high workability is required for long periods, to aid placement, such as piling concrete, congested areas of reinforcement, etc. EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) is based on selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is formulated from specially designed polymeric sulphonate materials and naturally derived products. Depending on the addition rate, EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) will conform to Type A, F, D and G materials of ASTM designation C494 and complies with BS 5075 Part I and III.


EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) is supplied ready for use. It should be added to the concrete mixing process at the same time as the water. It should not be added directly to the cement. For mixes containing microsilica, EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) should be incorporated into the mix aer the addition of the microsilica, at the same time as the mix water. EUNICEM SP6RR(AA) should not be added to slurrified microsilica before addition to the mix.


• Effective over a wide range of cement contents and w/c ratios

• Aids concrete cohesion

• Imparts excellent slump retention over prolonged periods of time

• Allows greater time for placement and compaction, especially in concrete containing microsilica

• Can be used to achieve large water reductions in concrete, to obtain high early and ultimate compressive strength gains, as required in precast/prestressed concretes

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