EUNICEM SP1 is a liquid superplasticizer or high range water reducing agent for concrete and cement based grouts. It is particularly useful for imparting extreme workability to concrete mixtures so that large or diicult pours can be made with little or no vibration. Alternatively, it can be utilized to eect large water reductions in concrete of normal workability to achieve higher early and subsequent strengths. Low shrinkage grouts can be obtained also by eecting water reductions without decreasing flow characteristics. EUNICEM SP1 is an extremely powerful deflocculating agent and operates by dispersing cement into its primary particles which dramatically increases the flow characteristics of the cement paste. EUNICEM SP1 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is based on the soluble salt of a polymeric naphthalene sulphonate and conforms to Type A, D and F materials of ASTM designation C 494 and complies with BS 5075: Part 1 and BS 5075: Part 3.


EUNICEM SP1 can be used with all types of Ordinary Portland Cement. For use with other cements we recommend that you consult our technical department. 


• Substantial increases in workability can be obtained by a direct addition of EUNICEM SP1 to a mixture having a slump in the range 50 -100 mm. The magnitude of this increase is often such that the concrete becomes self-consolidating and little to no vibration is required to achieve a dense and void-free concrete.

• High strength mixtures can be produced at normal work abilities and cement contents, but at reduced water/cement ratios. The resultant concrete is of a dense and impermeable nature.

• At the recommended dosage, the eect on setting time is slight and will not normally aect Stripping times of formwork.

• Concretes containing EUNICEM SP1 have been extensively evaluated and have shown no disadvantage in terms of durability or mechanical performance.

• EUNICEM SP1 is particularly valuable in cement based grouts where a reduction in the water/cement ratio in the region of 20 - 25% can be obtained, resulting in higher strengths and reduced bleeding.

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