EUNICEM SDMP2 is a liquid air entraining plasticizer used in semi-dry concrete mixes to improve the cohesiveness and compressive strength of concrete blocks and bricks. These eects are achieved by the combination of the powerful deflocculating and plasticizing action of EUNICEM SDMP2. EUNICEM SDMP2 is formulated from a carefully selected blend of synthetic and naturally derived raw materials to give a consistent product.


EUNICEM SDMP2 is supplied ready for use. It should be added to concrete mixes during the mixing process at the same time as the water. It should not be added directly to the cement. No extension of normal mixing time is necessary.


• Improves cohesiveness and compressive strength.

• EUNICEM SDMP2 allows cement savings of approximately 10%, without loss in strength.

• Increase durability, reduced permeability.

• Effective in both air cured and steam cured conditions.

• EUNICEM SDMP2 is eective in all types of block and brick machines, reducing mold box wear.

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