EUNICEM SDMP1 is a liquid air entraining plasticizer designed for use in semi-dry concrete, to improve workability and cohesiveness whilst permitting a reduction in the free water cement content. Addition of the material will subsequently permit improvements in compressive strength and surface finish. EUNICEM SDMP1 combines the eect of deflocculating materials which aids cohesion producing optimum response to the intense vibration/compaction cycles found in block, brick, interlocking paviours, and tile manufacture. This ensures the cement is more widely and evenly distributed maximizing hydration and strength potential, producing a more uniform texture and smoother cement rich appearance. EUNICEM SDMP1 is formulated from carefully controlled materials and is a blend of natural and synthetic raw materials, producing a consistent product.


EUNICEM SDMP1is supplied ready for use. It should be added to concrete mixes during the mixing process at the same time as the water. It should not be added directly to the cement. No extension of normal mixing time is necessary.


• More uniform texture.

• Sharper edge detail.

• Eective in both air and steam cure conditions

• More uniformed color for pigmented mixes.

• Good surface finish, providing highly aesthetic concrete appearance.

• Reduces mold box wear.

• Smoother, cement rich, denser surface.

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