EUNIAIR AE3 is a liquid air entraining agent for use in the production of air entrained concretes and cementitious compositions. EUNIAIR AE3 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is based on the salt of an ether sulphate and conforms to ASTM C260 for air entraining admixtures.


EUNIAIR AE3 is supplied ready for use. It should be added to concrete mixes or mortar mixes during the mixing process at the same time as the water. When utilized as an air entraining agent for masonry cements, it should be metered on to the cement clinker prior to the grinding stage.


• Improves resistance to freeze/thaw conditions

• Resistance to the disruptive action of de-icing salts and other liquids is improved

• Cohesion of mixtures liable to segregation is improved

• Bleeding of excessive mixing water is reduced

• Entrained air is not readily lost from plastic concrete mixes on standing and prolonged mixing does not normally cause excessive over entrainment of air

• EUNIAIR AE3 is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with concretes containing selected pulverized fuel ash

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