ECA HE Steel Fiber is steel wire filaments with hooked ends. Steel fibers are designed for use with all types of concrete mixes to enhance mechanical properties and reduce plastic shrinkage cracking. ECA HE Steel Fiber is complies with ASTMA820, Type I and EN 14889-1.


ECA HE Steel Fiber is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

• Tunnel segments

• Foundation slabs

• Pre-cast concrete

• Industrial flooring

• Composite decks

• Pavements

• Shotcrete

• Slabs on piles

• Shear reinforcement in prestressed elements


• Increase in load bearing capacity

• Increase in flexural bending strength

• Increase in fatigue and abrasion resistance

• Greater impact resistance and improved resistance to dynamic loads

• Reduction in shrinkage cracks due to full depth reinforcement distribution

• Economic advantage such as reduction in section thickness and construction time

• 1- 2 hours fire rating

ECA HE Steel Fiber copy.png