ECA Carbon Fiber is a high strength, directional carbon fiber fabric. Material is field laminated using European Concrete Additives Epoxy to form a carbon fiber reinforced polymer used to strengthen structural concrete elements.


Load Increases

• Increased live loads

• Increased traffic volumes on bridges

• Installation of heavy machinery in industrial buildings

• Vibrating structures

• Changes of building utilization Seismic Strengthening

• Column wrapping

• Masonry walls Damage to Structural Parts

• Aging of construction materials

• Vehicle impact

• Fire

• Blast resistance

Change in Structural System

• Removal of walls or columns

• Removal of slab sections for openings

• Design or construction defects

• Insufficient reinforcements

• Insufficient structural depth


• Shear, confinement or flexural strengthening

• Flexible

• High Strength

• Light Weight

• Non-corrosive

• Alkali Resistant

• Low aesthetic impact

ECA HE Steel Fiber-0