EURIPARE BA9910 is a polyvinyl acetate emulsion of high viscosity, which improves the adhesion, bonding and mechanical strength of cement or plasters mortars and provides a sound key without the need to hack or score the surface. EURIPARE BA9910 may also be used as a multipurpose adhesive for most common building materials with the exception of PVC and rubber and as a concrete additive for thin joint less floors .


• Allows cement rendering and plaster to be bonded to almost any sound surface without the necessity to hack or score to form a mechanical key. Porous and dusting concrete sub-floors may be sealed with EURIPARE BA9910 to minimize dusting and penetration of oil and grease etc.

• The addition of EURIPARE BA9910 to plasters and mortars increases tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. It extends workability times, improves plasticity and reduces porosity and cracking.

• May be added to cement screeds to form an underlay for vinyl tiles, etc. It can also be used as an adhesive for bonding plaster board, ceramic tiles, acoustic bond, etc.

• EURIPARE BA9910 conforms to BS5270 1976 ‘Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Bonding Agents for Internal Use with Gypsum Building Plasters’.

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