EURIPARE BA3 is a liquid, water-based dispersion, based on a styrene-acrylic polymer system. It is used to modify cementitious mixes significantly increasing bond, tensile and flexural strengths, whilst improving resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, water and vapor transmission.


• Heavy duty trowelled floors.

• High strength bonding of concrete.

• Waterproof renders for tiling and Brickwork.

• Resurfacing old concrete or granolithic floors.

• Self-leveling floor screeds.

• High strength repair and patching mixes.

• Mortar lining of areas subject to abrasive or mild chemical action, effluent ducts, tanks, etc.

• Waterproof slurry coats to level and seal walls,floors and tanks.


• EURIPARE BA3 dramatically improves adhesive, compressive and tensile strengths of cementitious mixes.

• Greatly increased impact and abrasion resistance.

• Self-leveling, flowing consistency mixes can be produced to enable placement under difficult conditions.

• Mixes containing EURIPARE BA3 have low permeability, and are suitable for waterproof sealing and lining of tanks, pools, etc.

• Chemical resistance to oils, grease, salt solutions and mild acids is very good.

Euripare BA3 copy.png