ECA Polyfiber F6 is a high performance micro polypropylene fiber, 6 mm long, developed as a crack controlling additive for cementitious materials. It is used to inhibit the formation of small cracks that can occur through plastic shrinkage, premature drying and early thermal changes, in order to provide utilization of the intrinsic properties of the hardened cementitious material. ECA Polyfiber F6 is based on selected raw materials and manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. ECA Polyfiber F6, 6mm long fiber, is designed for cementitious mixes, exhibiting maximum aggregate sizes of 5mm or less. Uses specifically designed for crack control in cementitious materials covering areas such as ready-mix and site mixed mortars, grouts, repair compounds, conventional shotcrete, plaster mortar overlays, patch repairs etc.


With Other Admixtures and Cements: ECA Polyfiber F6 can be used with all types of Portland cement and is compatible with other admixtures. Method of Use ECA Polyfiber F6 is supplied ready for use, and in measured quantities for addition to the mix either at the batching plant or on site. For site mixing, ECA Polyfiber F6 is available in bags of 125grams per 50kgs cement. For the optimum dispersion results, first introduce the sand into the site drum mixer, followed by ECA Polyfiber F6. Aer mixing for 2-4 minutes, add the cement and the required quantity of water and continue mixing to obtain a homogeneous mix.


• Inhibits intrinsic cracking in concrete

• Disperses uniformly throughout the mix

• Improves finishing characteristics

• Improves concrete durability

• Increases impact and abrasion resistance

• Rustproof

• Impervious to alkali attack

• Reduced risk of subsequent damage